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Keven Craft Rituals LLC

Oil Bar - Gibbous

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This Gibbous , Lunar Cycle, ritual Oil Bar is a solid, organic luxury lotion bar with a complicated perfume blend of citrus, floral, herbal, and spicy notes

Our Lunar Cycle, Ritual Oil Bars are our luxury, organic solid lotion bars, not a bar of soap. Each bar is made by hand from the beginning to the end. We use raw ingredients to craft, pour, and package our bars. Use these bars in replacement of your standard pump-bottle lotion.  Only a fraction of the bar is needed in comparison to that drab lotion, and it works so much better… One could say, like magic. 

This mini bar will last approximately 1 month with standard use.

Try using this and then waiting about a minute before washing hands or touching computers. It will hold up to 2 hand washings throughout the day so you can imagine why it is popular with nurses, gardeners, artists, etc.

 Mini- 0.04 lb – 0.65 oz