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5 Ways to Smoke Cleanse Your Home (That Aren't White Sage or Palo Santo)

Smoke cleansing is a powerful practice to clear negative energies and bring positive vibrations into your living space.


The two most common choices for a smoke cleanse are white sage and palo santo. However, there are serious ecological and cultural concerns associated with these powerful and sacred plants.


In this article, we'll explore some sustainable alternatives which are equally effective, so you can smoke cleanse in a way that's as eco-friendly and culturally respectful as possible!


The problem with white sage and palo santo


White sage is sacred to indigenous peoples in northern America for its spiritual and medicinal properties. Unfortunately, its boom in popularity has led to it being over-harvested. This affects the environment and the cultural practices of indigenous people who rely on white sage for their ceremonies and traditions.


Palo santo, a sacred wood from South America, has faced similar issues. The increasing demand for palo santo has resulted in unsustainable harvesting practices, threatening the tree's survival and impacting the communities that rely on it for their livelihoods and spiritual practices.


Smoke cleanse alternatives


So, let's explore some alternatives we can use instead.

 Bundle of Tjarved Smoke Wands

Tjärved smoke wands


Tjärved, also known as "poor people's candles," comes from naturally felled pine branches. These wands are traditionally used in trolldom, a Nordic folk magick tradition, for cleansing and warding off unwanted energies. As an evergreen, pine is associated with renewal, rebirth, and the ability to survive harsh conditions - making it a perfect choice to remove negative energies and invite fresh and positive energies into your space. It has a beautiful resinous pine scent, is 100% sustainable, and does not contribute to environmental harm.

 Blue Sage smoke bundle

Blue Sage


    Similar to white sage, blue sage is used for cleansing and protection. Its soothing and mild scent makes it ideal for meditation spaces and is also associated with healing magick. It's perfect for cleansing during or after illness to bring healing and protective energies into your home.

     Cedar smoke bundle smoke cleansing



      The fresh woody aroma of cedar is a great alternative for those who find white sage to be too pungent. Cedar is considered sacred and spiritually significant in many traditions and has been used for centuries to remove negative energy. It is excellent for purification and is believed to bring balance and harmony when used in a smoke cleanse. Cedar is perfect for cleansing a new home, as it will create a warm, inviting atmosphere while purifying your new home and removing any lingering energies from previous inhabitants.

       Rosemary smoke cleansing bundle



      Rosemary has a beautiful aroma and powerful purifying properties. In many cultures, it is considered a protective herb, believed to ward off evil spirits and negative influences. It's also believed to enhance mental and spiritual clarity. Rosemary is a fantastic choice for a smoke cleanse if you've been in a funk or want to refresh your space with positive energies - its uplifting qualities can help you feel more balanced and connected again.

       Mugwort smoke cleansing bundle for witchcraft



        Also known as black sage, mugwort is a sacred herb with visionary properties. As a smoke cleanse, it is incredibly potent at banishing energies of grief and pain, making it a powerful ally for those seeking emotional healing. Its earthy aroma and protective energies create a sense of grounding and stability while enhancing intuition and inner wisdom.


        Final Thoughts

         smoking cauldron


        As spiritual people, environmental and cultural respect should be at the top of our priorities. As such, finding sustainable alternatives for smoke cleansing is essential. Thankfully, removing white sage and palo santo from our practice doesn't mean we must abandon smoke cleansing. The other options we have listed are just as powerful - if not more so, in some cases.


        So, let's invite positive change into ourselves and our spaces while honoring the interconnectedness of all living beings. Happy cleansing!

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