Green Witch

Welcome to my Shop!

My name is Jackie, and I am the proud owner of The Diablerie, a one-of-a-kind witchy shop that's all about embracing spirituality while nurturing our beautiful Earth.

  • Candles

    We carefully select all of our hand-crafted candles for use in your rituals & spells. Here you will also find candle holders and tools.
  • Cleansing

    We offer a wide sleection of ethically and sustainably harvested herbs and smoke bundles for energy clearing. We have many alternatives to Palo Santo & White Sage.
  • Ritual Bath

    Add magick to your routine. Self care is one of our favorite places to add a little magick! Lotions, potions, oils, and salts - we have something for everybody.
  • Ethical

    We believe in ethical and sustainable sourcing, small batch makers and handcrafting.

  • Shop Small

    Shop local, shop global! Get the best of both worlds with our selection of products from small businesses near and far.
  • Shipping

    Shipping with us is not only convenient, but also eco-friendly! Our shipping materials are recyclable and home compostable, down to the tape and labels!