• Hello, fellow witches and seekers of the mystical! ✨
    My name is Jackie, and I am the proud owner of The Diablerie, a one-of-a-kind witchy shop that's all about embracing spirituality while nurturing our beautiful Earth.
    At The Diablerie, we specialize in providing earth-friendly spiritual tools, enchanting spell ingredients, captivating home decor, mesmerizing jewelry, enlightening books, and an enchanting array of tarot cards and oracle decks – all carefully curated to awaken the magic within you.
    What sets The Diablerie apart is our unwavering commitment to supporting local small business creators. By sourcing most of our products locally, we not only celebrate the craftsmanship and creativity of our community but also reduce our environmental impact, allowing Mother Nature to thrive alongside our spiritual journey.
    But our magic doesn't stop there! While we cherish our local connections, we also reach out to small businesses across the US and beyond to ensure we offer an enchanting and diverse selection of products that resonate with your soul.
    My dream is to manifest The Diablerie from the digital realm into a welcoming brick-and-mortar haven, right here in Solano County, California. I envision a warm and inviting space where witches can gather, connect, and share their wisdom.
    With every purchase you make at our online shop, you are not only acquiring a treasure that speaks to your heart but also contributing to the realization of this dream. The support you offer through our online store brings me one step closer to the day when we can all gather under one roof and celebrate our shared path in person.
    And oh, the plans I have for our future haven! Picture community events that will stir your spirit – joyous solstice celebrations, enchanting witchcraft nights, and insightful tarot and fortune readers sharing their wisdom with all who seek guidance. The Diablerie will truly become a hub for our local pagan community, a place where friendships blossom, knowledge is shared, and magic is woven into the very fabric of our lives. 🌙✨
    Thank you, dear souls, for joining me on this remarkable journey. As you explore our shop and discover the tools and treasures that resonate with you, know that you're not just acquiring magical objects – you're an essential part of The Diablerie's enchanting story. Together, we will make this dream a reality, and our community will thrive as we celebrate the magic within and around us.
    Blessed be,
    Jackie 🌙✨
    Owner of The Diablerie 🌿🔮
  • Ethical

    We believe in ethical and sustainable sourcing, small batch makers and handcrafting.
  • USA Based

    Many of our products are sourced within the US and we love working with local creators!
    All of our products are sourced from ethically minded companies/persons.
  • Shipping

    All of our shipping materials are recyclable and home compostable - including the tape & labels!