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Topanga Window

Emerald Moon Eucalyptus Broom

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Beautiful enchanting mini broom with an earthy assortment of dried florals, Sweet Annie, colorful green feathers, silk sari ribbon and a golden moon charm.

Perfect addition for moon rituals and sacred spaces.

This broom is scented with eucalyptus and pine essential oils. Eucalyptus is known as one of Earth’s earliest herbal healers. It awakens the spirit and helps with emotional well being. Pine has protective energy that benefits highly intuitive people. It helps to create a filter for, and barrier from, negative psychic energy and unwanted influences. It is also used in spells to evoke or honor forest spirits, in protective and centering spells.

The scent of Wormwood, (also known as Sweet Annie) is said to increase psychic powers. It is also used in love charms and spells to draw a lover, and is associated with the Lovers card in the tarot.

Broom measures 6 -7”