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Keven Craft Rituals LLC

Hag’s Altar Broom w/ Naturally Shed Deer Antler

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Naturally shed deer antler handle with bulky, black Tampico stitched in an altar size.

All one of a kind, these are intended for ritual or altar use and are luxurious to sweep with. They are made from a non-toxic dye and natural Tampico fibers, so they can also be used on the skin for dry brushing or for energy work.

**We do not use preservatives in the dye, so fading can occur if left in sunlight. Bleeding can occur if they get too wet. Since this is a natural material you may notice color variations in the dyes, especially black. This is normal for natural, non-toxic dyes and the natural dyeing process. 

*These are handmade at Queen Meb.

10.5” x 4” - Scrimshaw Runic, Deer Antler Handle