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Keven Craft Rituals LLC

Magickal Ink Making from Medieval Grimoires Kit and Class: Transformation

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This DIY Kit and Course offers the instruction and process of making your own Magickal Ink for your own magickal use, spellwork, and sigil magick. The ink recipes are based on creating a custom gall and india ink based on old recipes from medieval times. One in particular was meant to banish evil spirits. We take this base recipe and give room for you to change it as it suits your intention. This is NOT the only way to make your own inks, but it is just one recipe. 

Kit inlcudes dropper bottles, gum arabic powder, resin, tannin based material, essential oils, and mica based on magickal themes: Love, Protection, Divination, & Transformation.

Customization of kits are set for what you have at home or other materials that you have and want to add to the inks.

The class can be registered through the insert in the kit and is CC subtitled in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish for accesibility.


With a Kit (Transformation) - Includes Online Class