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Prism Moon Designs

Medusa Crystal Grid Laser Engraved Wood Altar Plate: Assorted Stain Colors

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A beautiful crystal grid, laser cut and engraved from 3-4mm thick Baltic Birch, then hand finished and stained. Measures 6 inches in diameter. Has a depiction of the gorgon Medusa, her fierce beauty framed by her serpentine hair. In Greek mythology, Medusa is not really a goddess but a gorgon, born of 2 sea deities. She is a complex being whose name evokes different emotions: fear, awe, anger, fascination and even courage. Assaulted by the god Poseidon in Athena's temple, Athena turns her into a serpent haired 'monster' who turns those who look at her to stone. By giving Medusa snakes for hair and the ability to kill with one look, she inadvertently protected Medusa from further assault. In recent years, Medusa has become a symbol of female empowerment, justice, protection, and women's rights. Available unstained, or in an assortment of colored stains. Stained grids will be given a polyurethane finish for protection.