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Lit Rituals

'Oats, Milk & Honey' Bath Tube

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This luscious bath salt is a milky sweet treat to soften and nourish your skin.

‘Oats, Milk & Honey’ was an idea derived from personal love of the honeybee and all that this vital insect offers to the planet, including bee pollen! Bee pollen is the golden little powdery pellets and it makes your skin GLOW. It’s known to heal some of the worst wounds while simultaneously working as an antimicrobial.

Bee Balm, an herb that got its colloquial name from its ability to quell bee stings, soothes inflammation and cleanses the skin.

Oats and coconut milk powder soften and hydrate beyond the epidermis with their emollient properties.

Calendula is the all star flower for the health and integrity of skin.

Epsom salt detoxifies us through our skin and deeply relaxes the body on a cellular level (you can FEEL it).

We added a bit of the purest essential oils to give off the aroma of a bed of flowers waiting to be pollinated by the bees!