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Keven Craft Rituals LLC

Specialty Witches Wands - Hand Dipped, Taper Beeswax Spell (6" Chime) Candles

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Hand-dipped beeswax, spell and elegant decor candles.

These are unscented but they do have a lovely natural beeswax scent as is. We use beeswax from US beekeepers, and try to stay as sustainable as possible in our candle making.

We dip these base color candles we make in some black beeswax for fun carving and two tone color applications such as orange and black for Samhain or red and black for Papa Legba and the crossroads. Basically, you don’t have to buy both colors anymore but they do not come pre-carved. They are blank and ready to add your own spellwork designs.

These are intended for spellwork but may also be used for a witchy decor.

Comes in a bundle of 1 double wick, making a set of 2 candles.

Hemp wick, 6" long and approx 3/8" diameter.

These are handmade, so please allow for imperfections in our candles. This is what makes them unique.

Approximate 1-2 hr burn-time.