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Sterling Silver 18 Inch Pomegranate Charm Necklace

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Create a luscious jewelry line when you add this sterling silver 18 inch pomegranate charm necklace to your shop. One look at pomegranate's juicy interior and you know why this is the fruit Hades chooses each year to lure Persephone back to the underworld. In some religious texts, the pomegranate is said to be the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden rather than the apple. But it's not all doom and gloom for the iconic pomegranate. In Persian tradition, people come together on winter solstice and eat pomegranates to celebrate the victory of light over darkness. Find more fun and slightly quirky Finished Necklaces to list in your shop. Comes on a simple sterling silver 18" cable chain with spring ring clasp. The charm measures 14x12mm, excluding jumpring. • Lipped necklace cards will come free with every order. Please note that necklaces will not be pre-carded.