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Red Wheel/Weiser LLC

The Fright Before Christmas (Hardcover, Fully Illustrated)

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Surviving Krampus and Other Yuletide Monsters, Witches, and Ghosts

This book will delve into the folklore of Krampus and his friends. The Belsnickel is ready to hit us with his switch of sticks and Gryla may drag you back to her mountain lair. And watch out for the Yule Cat ready to pounce! These are just a few of the yuletide beasties coming for us in The Fright Before Christmas.

The folklore roots of Christmas under its many other guises (Yule, the Winter Solstice, Saturnalia) is examined in a different, darker light. The Winter Solstice is a time to be afraid. It’s the shortest day of the year. The longest night. In some parts of the world, the sun doesn’t rise at all. It’s dark, and we have to wonder if the sun will ever come back at all. Christmas has always been creepy and with The Fright Before Christmas you'll see the other side.

This is a book for everyone who loves a little darkness around the holidays.

Be good or the Krampus will get you!