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Keven Craft Rituals LLC

The Wrapped, Hand Wisk, Broom Making Kit and Class: Natural / Black

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This is a really amazing opportunity to bring a handmade broom making course to your home. The kit comes with the basic materials needed and a sign-up form to register for the online class with our sister company and online school, The House of Twigs.

The class is 50 minutes in video instruction and teaches both a Turkey Tail or a Hawk Tail style of broom with some witchy spellwork and weaving added.

Subtitles in English, French, German and Spanish and a few camera angles.


1) Broomcorn  (Natural, or possible different options based on stock),

2) Black nylon cord (possible non-tarred cord in various colors)


1) An empty 5 gallon bucket of water or an empty bathtub somewhat nearby.

2) A wooden dowel, or an extra thick cardboard tube. 3/4”-2” max is best.

3) Sharp scissors or a very sharp knife (I use a sharp cleaver style knife and scissors)

4) Matches or a lighter

5) Precision superglue (optional) and and a few extra pieces of cord.