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Keven Craft Rituals LLC

Witches Wands - Hand Dipped, Taper Beeswax Spell (6" Chime) Candles

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Hand-dipped beeswax, spell and elegant decor candles.

These are unscented unless specified with herbs or flowers but they do have a lovely natural beeswax scent as is. We use beeswax from US beekeepers, and try to stay as sustainable as possible in our candle making process.

Comes in a bundle of 1 double wick, making a set of 2 candles.

Black - protection, banishing, hexing, hex removal, the ending of things

White - balancing, new beginnings, harmony, home, calming, peace - all purpose

Natural - balancing, new beginnings, harmony, home, calming, peace 

Red -  passion, love, lust, attraction, strength, mars vibes, and more.

Pink - self care, compassion, unconditional love, reconciliation, kindness 

Yellow - intelligence, learning, breaking mental blocks, logic

Green - studies, growth, abundance, fertility, prosperity

Purple - intuition, divination, wisdom, eye opening, revealing

Blue - forgiveness, peace, dream work, wisdom , angelic work