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An Introduction to Candle Magick

An Introduction to Candle Magick

Candle magick is one of the most widespread types of magick since it is simple yet powerful. Each color corresponds to a different intention, and the candle forms a psychic link between you and your intention.


In this article, we’ll explore the meaning of candle colors and give you a basic outline for creating a simple candle magick ritual that you can tailor to your needs.


The Meaning of Candle Colors


Each color carries a unique vibration that aligns with specific intentions. Read the following list and see which aligns most closely with your intended result.


  • White is a universal color that can be used for any ritual since it contains the whole color spectrum. White candles are a blank canvas, so they are ideal for rituals involving new beginnings, peace, cleansing,  and purification.


  • Black is used for protection, banishing, hexing, hex removal, shadow work and the ending of things. Black candles can be a shield against negative energies and will help you confront hidden fears and past traumas.


  • Red is the color of courage, passion, and lust. Red encourages you to confidently pursue your dreams and infuses your rituals with fierce and bold energy.


  • Orange is the color of warmth and enthusiasm, used for rituals and spells which revolve around creativity, joy, and happiness.


  • Yellow promotes mental clarity, focus, logic and intelligence. It’s the go-to choice for any spell related to exams, studies, and intellectual pursuits.


  • Green represents the lushness and infinite abundance of nature, so green candles are perfect for any ritual involving wealth, business success, fertility, abundance and any form of positive growth.


  • Light blue is associated with peace, balance, and healing energies. Blue brings emotional well-being and can be used in any ritual to soothe the mind, body, and soul.


  • Dark blue or indigo is associated with the realms of higher consciousness. It is used to enhance intuition, self-knowledge, and spiritual awareness.


  • Purple holds the key to enhancing intuition and psychic abilities. Purple is also the ideal color for any rituals involving dream magick.


  • Pink embodies the essence of love, kindness, friendship, and romance. Pink candles create an atmosphere of compassion and affection, making them perfect for rituals of self-love and self-esteem.


  • Gold, associated with solar energies, is used for rituals involving success, prosperity, and the Divine Masculine.


  • Silver, linked to the moon, is the perfect choice for lunar magick and any rituals involving the Divine Feminine.



Note: Colors have both unique vibrational energy, chakra, and elemental associations as well as deep symbolic meaning across different cultures around the world. Because of this, color correspondences can also be very subjective... Our preferences and reactions to color largely depend on personal experience. It is more important in any magical or ritual work that the colors you are engaging with have personal meaning for you, rather than using one because it "should" be used for the desired outcome of your candle spell work. If this list of energetic properties suggests one color, but that simply doesn't feel right for YOUR spell or ritual, you should not use it regardless of what this or any other chart tells you. Choose whichever color feels best for you, for your unique spell and needs, to get the best results.


blue beeswax spell candle burning on altar

How to Perform a Basic Candle Magick Ritual


This is an elementary outline for a candle magick ritual, but you can add elements and tailor it to your needs.


To begin, choose a candle that aligns with your intention and ritual. For a quick spell, a fast-burning chime candle is perfect, but longer-burning options like jar candles or votives are a better choice for ongoing work where you may choose to re-light the candle periodically to add a boost to your intention.


If the candle is not already dressed, you can anoint it with oils and herbs which match the energy of your ritual. You may also want to carve your intent onto the candle or use runes and other relevant symbols. (Our Specialty Witches Wands candles are great for carving into!)


Light the candle and invoke any ancestors, guides, deities, or energies you wish to aid you in the ritual.


On a piece of paper, write down your intent. Visualize it as vividly as possible, as if your result is already happening. Infuse the vision with feelings of relief, joy, and gratitude. You can add a simple incantation or mantra to help raise energy.


Lastly, (safely) ignite the paper with the candle flame, releasing your intention into the universe.


spell candle, carving intentions in to burgandy spell candle


While candle magick seems simple, don’t discount its potency! The power of fire combined with focused intention is a beautiful way to manifest your goals. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned practitioner, candle magick is a beautiful and versatile way to focus your intentions.


So, light your candle, and let the flame guide your desires into being!


Happy casting!


Jackie B.


The Diablerie LLC


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